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Export Chart Images

Various chart images can be exported from Ballot either directly to Microsoft PowerPoint or to the Windows clipboard.

Export to Clipboard and Save as a Graphics File

All charts can be generated as follows:

  • Print
  • Save as bitmap graphic
  • Copy to clipboard

On any chart screen these options are on the File drop-down menu.

There is an option to save a title for the image that will be incorporated into the top of the image.

Export to PowerPoint

In addition, scatter charts can be exported directly to PowerPoint as follows.

  1. From the scatter chart screen, click File drop-down > Export to Presentation.
  2. Select the criteria to be graphed, press OK.
  3. The file ballotslides.ppt is generated
  4. The PowerPoint file will contain all combinations of criteria based on the selections in step 3.
  5. Delete any unneeded slides from the PowerPoint file.
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