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Email Notifications Not Sent

If users are not receiving email notifications from GRC Cloud, check the following settings to ensure your system is set up correctly. 

Administration Email Settings: 

  1. Go to Administration > System > System Settings
  2. Verify that noreply@resolvergrc.com has been entered in the E-mail from address for Workflow-based emails field.

  3. Click Yes under Enable Automatic e-mail notifications
  4. Click Yes under Enable notification messages

Email Manager Settings

  1. Go to Administration > System > Email Manager.
  2. Click the button under Recipients to view recipients for a pending email. 
  3. Click the Sent tab to verify which emails have been sent. 

If an email is missing from the email manager that should have been sent on a specific date, there could be an issue with permissions, the workflow or a specific state. Contact Resolver Support for assistance. 

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