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Building a Hierarchical Report

Hierarchical Reports are the most customizable and comprehensive solution for parsing item and content data in GRC Cloud. 

To build a hierarchical report: 

  1. Go to Report > Hierarchical Report.
  2. Select the Presentation Style of the report. 
  3. Optional: If your report contains multi-parent items, select one of the following radio buttons: 
    • Show All: Show all items, even if they are duplicated among other parent items.
    • Show Unique: Show only unique items. 
  4. Select By Entity Framework or By Account Framework from the Order dropdown to choose how items will be organized. 
  5. Click the Starting dropdown menu and select the top-most parent item of your report. The report will only generate items under and including the specified node/entity.
  6. Optional: Click the Limit to items under the selected framework node checkbox. Select an item from the framework library from the top dropdown list, or a node within the framework library from the second dropdown list. This will limit the report results to items contained within that item or node. 
  7. Select the applicable checkboxes under Item Types
    Note: Each column in the Item Types section corresponds to a tab in the report builder. 
  8. Click the corresponding tab for one of the item types selected. For example, if you selected All Risks, click the Risk tab. img2.png
  9. Repeat the above process for each item type selected. 
  10. Click Generate Report
  11. Click one of the following buttons: 
    • Rebuild: Return to the report builder to reconfigure the report. 
    • Refresh: Refresh the report after adding or removing file attachments, updating data, and more. 
    • Save Snapshot: Save a copy of the report using the current data set. Snapshots are not updated when new data is available. 
    • Assessor: View attribute and evaluation information in a spreadsheet. 
    • Print: View a printable version of the report. 
    • Export: Export to PDF, Excel, or Word. 
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