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User Interface Changes in Global AlertLink 8.0

As of version 8.0, the Global AlertLink user interface has been redesigned to offer a more streamlined, attractive experience for users. Most of these changes have not affected the functionality of the features, however, this article will cover the major differences between the new UI and the previous one prior to 8.0.

For more detailed information, see the User Interface article, the Version 8.0 Feature Videos, which includes a short video on the new UI, or the Version 8.0 Release Notes, all on the Global AlertLink Knowledge Base.


GAL now shows the Resolver branding with changes to the fonts and colors throughout the application.






Components (e.g. News & Updates, Contacts, Documents, etc.) are still accessible via the left navigation bar, but they now have new icons and no longer display the name of each component. You can show the name of each item in this navigation bar by hovering your cursor over the component.



Navigation Bar

As before, the navigation bar contains links to your orgs, GIS, Admin, and Help, but with a few additional enhancements, including:

  • Vital Signs, My Tasks, and My Forms are now accessible via the navigation bar. Clicking these links will display these features in a new slide-out panel.
  • Organization, Plan, or Event Dashboards, a new feature of 8.0, are accessible in the navigation bar. Clicking the dashboards button will display the dashboard and links to its forms or reports. See the Dashboards articles on the Global AlertLink Knowledge Base for more information.
  • Clicking your monogrammed initials in the navigation bar will display your username and links to reset your password and log out.



New Knowledge Base

As with previous versions, the GAL help documentation is accessible by clicking the User Guide link in the Help menu option of the navigation bar. However, clicking this link will now direct you to the brand-new Global AlertLink Knowledge Base.mceclip16.png

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