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Benefits of Resolver’s New Communication Platform

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, Resolver's emergency notification platform (Global AlertLink) has seen significant improvements that will provide users with increased speed and reliability for all emergency notification messages. This new system will be rolled out as part of the version 2.4 platform upgrade.

Key Benefits of the Improved Platform

  1. The platform is 100% owned and managed by Resolver. While we still use third-party services for endpoint delivery, the core processing, tracking, and notification management occur within our own engine. This gives us the ability to control message processing, address issues faster without including third parties, and deploy new features faster and more efficiently.
  2. The platform is easily scalable and provides significantly higher throughput for message processing than the existing platform.
  3. Email responses are streamlined to increase the timeliness of response data on your dashboards.
  4. Richer, more detailed statuses are provided. You can also track messages at more stages in the process to get a full understanding of the flow and where any problems occurred.
  5. Along with new HA vendor connections, all email traffic will be migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, which is extremely reliable and provides a high-volume throughput. The AWS Simple Email Service outperforms traditional email servers at a much lower cost.
  6. The new SMS connections will significantly increase global SMS coverage. By Q2 2019, the 17 two-way countries we support will be expanded to 47, and the 30 one-way countries we support will be expanded to 106.
  7. The enhanced telephony system offers additional languages at no additional cost, giving users access to 31 languages for messages.
  8. The telephony system also brings an improved human vs. voice mail detection solution, providing more reliable message delivery for call-forwarding and VOIP platforms.
  9. Advanced monitoring and alerts with improved support dashboards provide Resolver Support with the info it needs to pinpoint and correct any message-related issues quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about this new platform or would like additional information, contact Resolver Support.

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