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Incident Management Training Tools

Resolver's Incident Management system is designed around an out-of-the-box solution which has specific roles designed to do specific actions. Resolver's Training team has designed a series of videos, job aides and a hands-on practice scenario to help you and your users navigate and use the system.

This section will provide you access to:

  • Video Training specific to each role.
  • Job aides, which you can follow on the job;
  • A hands-on practice exercise.


 Role  Video Description & Location  Job Aide
Limited User & Portal User

Submit an incident as a Limited User (Portal)

Submit an incident via the  Portal
Incident Screener

An overview of the Incident Screener user group. 

Incident Owner An overview of the Incident Owner user group. 

Review an incident

Open an investigation

Close an incident

Incident Investigator

An overview of the Incident Investigator user group.

Close an investigation
Incident Supervisor An overview of the Incident Supervisor user group.  
Incident Management Administrator An overview of the Incident Management Administrator user group.  

How to view and analyze data using Incident Management Reports.

Changing Field Names How to change field names.  

Administrators have access to all aspects of the IM Application from monitoring submissions, creating, editing and deleting incidents and updating your configuration.

Add a person

Create a user

Add a user to a user group



For the hands-on exercise, please click here


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