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Exporting Data From GAL

Create a Listing report and select which area you would like to focus on. The first example is focused on Organizations. You can also run reports focusing on Plans, Roles, Events, Messages, and Form Data. An example of each is pictured below:

Exporting Form Data can vary depending on the Form. Listing can be used for Custom Forms and Plan Event Editor Forms as shown below:

For Relationship Editor Forms, you will need to use the Custom Form Relationship Query for the specific type of Relationship.

After choosing your Report Type, choose what Data you need in the report.   Please note: running a report for a whole organization will not give you details of plans, messages, forms, events, or roles.

In Scope, you can choose what Organization you would like to run the report for. Check the box to exclude the relative location and then choose which Org, plan, event, etc. you would like to include. It is recommended to not run the report for more than one Organization at a time.

Choose which fields you would like to include.

Enter a title for the report and Save and Launch.

Go to the Generated Report Data tab and select CSV to export the data.

Repeat the steps for each Report Type as mentioned in the beginning of this guide.





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