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Resolver Core - V2.5 Highlights & Sneak Peak on V2.6

Our Engineering and Product Teams have been busy and we want to keep you up-to-date on what has been released, and what is coming soon for Resolver Core!
V2.5 Highlights:
Released in January 2019
  • Repeatable Forms is a new report element that displays object data as a non-editable, printer-friendly form. 
  • Table reports now support Date & Time field parameters to narrow down the data displayed in the report based on the dates applied in the table's settings. 
  • In Assessments, adding objects to a relationship or reference field on an assessment no longer creates clones/instances of those objects when the Assessment Data option is disabled for the corresponding object type in the assessment's settings.
For our full release notes including bug fixes: https://help.resolver.com/help/version-25-release-notes
V2.6 - Coming Soon!
Our team is working on the finishing touches for V2.6 which is coming out this winter!
  • We are introducing our new data grid - which presents data in a grid form to do mass updates. Examples:
    • If you are looking to update your risk and control matrix, you can do it right in the grid, and work on multiple risks at once.
    • If you are working in Incident Management, you can update incident tasks, logs and tasks in one place.
  • Administrators will be able to define at the role level whether users can see quick add, search, export reports and help. We introduced this to allow for a cleaner User Interface.
  • Pre-define filters prior to running the report to narrow in on the data making the reports much more consumable.  In addition, make reports more time based by applying a period of time or relative date parameters. For example, run a report of incidents or issues created in the last 30 days.
 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Support or to your Customer Success Manager.
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