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Crosstabs in Custom Reports

Break level and page breaks are used when a crosstab table has multiple row or column groups, and is wider or taller than the report container. For example, a report might have Campus and Building or Class and Category. This forces the report designer to print a crosstab chart with the remaining data somewhere else, usually on another page (the default setting).

To set the break level and page break of a crosstab:

  1. Double-click Crosstab in the window on the far left.
  2. Go to Properties > Wrapping Options > Break Level. This determines where the table data will stop and re-start printing. The default setting is 0:
    • 0 represents the inner-most level of the table
    • If you have two groupings, such as Campus and Building, level 0 is the last one added.  In the picture below – Building, Campus would be level 1
    • Leaving the Break Level at 0 means the report will print all building values that will fit within the space of the report container; this could be mid-way through the buildings of a Campus

In the example given, the report will only print the full level 1 values (Campus and its Buildings) that will fit within the report container space. If a full campus (with all of its buildings) won’t fit in the space remaining, it will stop at the last full Campus it can print, then add a new table starting with the next Campus, and so on.

To change the break level to 1: 

  1. Go to Properties > Wrapping Options > Page Break on Shadow Pages. This tells the report designer where the overlapping table data (from the break level) will print.
  2. Select Yes or No:
    • If you select Yes: The overlapping table data will print on a new page
      • NOTE: This is called a Shadow Page. These are not considered “normal” report pages and will not be included in the page count.
    • If you select No: the overlapping table data will print on the same page (still within the report container).
      • NOTE: if there is not enough space below, then the table will be pushed to a new page. It is not considered a shadow page and it will be included in the page count/ 
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