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Global AlertLink Version Lifecycle Policy

Resolver is committed to providing the best possible level of software support. By continuously investing in training and customer resources, we can help ensure all our Global AlertLink users are able to reach our technical experts who can quickly answer questions and find resolutions to possible issues.

Global AlertLink operates under phased levels of support for all products. This means that Full Support is available on any version for a minimum of one (1) year from the date of release. Once Full Support has expired, the prior versions will still be supported via our Update & User Question Support.

Our products continue to undergo changes, including enhancements, fixes, and adjustments to the system requirements, which are all designed to improve the user's experience. Based on the scope of these changes, as new releases are introduced, we review earlier versions and update the type of support we’ll continue to provide.

Software Support Program (SSP)

If your organization holds an active membership in our Software Support Program (SSP), Resolver will support your system based on the definitions below. We will also provide critical support for older releases in the event of a system crash, provided the minimum system requirements have been met.

Support Level Definitions

Full Support

Full Support means your product receives the highest available level of technical support and maintenance. We ensure your team has all the support needed to successfully install your Resolver product, while providing general troubleshooting on an ongoing basis to resolve any issues you may encounter.


  • Previously released versions are not tested for compatibility with new operating systems or new versions of server releases (e.g. SQL Server). Therefore, Full Support for previous versions is based upon meeting the minimum System Requirements listed at the time of release and does not include updated operating systems.
  • Bug fixes may require updating your software to a newer version, depending on the issue.

Update & User Question Support

When the Full Support for a version expires, we transition that version to the Update & User Question Support phase of support. After that transition takes place, we provide:

  • Update Support: As long as you have an active SSP membership, we’ll provide support to you and your organization as you update your system to the latest version, no matter which version of the software you’re currently running.
  • User Question Support: For SSP members, Resolver Support will always answer your questions related to the use of the system (i.e. "how-to" questions).

The biggest difference between Full Support and Update & User Question Support is that we’ll no longer offer workarounds or fixes for versions in the Update & User Question phase. Instead, we’ll recommend that your organization upgrade to the latest release.


Version Release Date Support Level


July 2017

Update & User Question Support


November 2017

Update & User Question Support


February 2018

Update & User Question Support


April 2018

Update & User Question Support


February 2019

Update & User Question Support


September 2019

Update & User Question Support


September 2020

Full Support

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