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Perspective 5.6 – New Features


  • SOPs can now be created and configured entirely in Dispatch. This includes creating rules with call categories and/or locations, a list of steps to be completed, creating email notifications or selecting Everbridge templates, and attaching files or links.
  • The new Busy States settings allow admins to create busy states with visual alerts for officers in Dispatch.
  • The new Officer History panel displays a summary of an officer’s on and off duty times, assigned tasks, call signs and teams, and last known locations, grouped together by shift. This summary is available to admins by clicking the new Officer History button from a user’s profile.
  • The new Resolver Theme can now be applied to the user interface.
  • Users can now rename the panels by clicking the arrow icon at the top-right of any panel and typing a custom name.


  • Dispatch location information is no longer added to the Notes section of an activity when the location has been linked to a site rollup.
  • Indoor location images are no longer included on closed dispatches and activities if the dispatcher didn’t indicate an exact location on the floor plan when the dispatch was created or updated.
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