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Perspective Lookup Reports

As your team grows or changes, there is the potential for your team to need to review your Perspective Set Up - specifically your lookups. Reviewing them in Administration is one option, but you can also review your main lists in Report format so that you can share the lists with members of your team who may not be Administrators, or during a meeting where you want to consider updating your lists.

You can find the Perspective Lookup Reports in Reporting under Lookups. Each report allows you to print your entire lookup list or you can filter to a specific component. 


Report Options:

Business Unit Hierarchy: Allows you to print your master list of Business Units.

Class Hierarchy: Allows you to print your master list of Classes including Class, Category, Subcategory and Type. 

Lookup List: Allows you to print all of your lookups - or a specific Lookup for your review.

Organization Hierarchy: Org Rollups are a security function in Perspective that allow you to lock users down to a specific part of your organization in terms of access to data. This report allows you to print your Org Rollups.

Site Hierarchy: Allows you to print your Site List Report - all levels.

Call Category Hierarchy: For DispatchLog and DispatchLog, you can print your Call Category Hierarchy.







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