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Sneak Peek: RiskVision V9.2

Our development team is putting the finishing touches on RiskVision V9.2 with plans for a Q2 release. As always, we'd like to provide you with a sneak peek so that you can get an idea of what to expect.

New with V9.2:

  • Batch Workflow Transition –  This new feature will allow you to move up to 50 workflows for tickets, findings, incidents, exceptions, and policies in bulk from the same “From” stage to the same “To” stage.
  • Batch Edit Tickets –  You will now be able to edit multiple fields of up to 50 tickets at once.
  • Compliance Dashboard – This new dashboard provides an overview of the compliance status of a program at multiple organization-relevant levels. For example, a CISO could see the entire organization, while a VP could just get results that pertain to the VP’s division. Similarly, a user reporting to the VP could just get results for his or her departments. All this is predicated on how you have mapped entities to the RiskVision Organization Hierarchy. Here is an example of what it looks like:

Once our release is ready, we’ll reach out and let you know! For more information on this update, check out the V9.2 Release Notes.

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