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Reset GRC Workflows

Administrators can reset workflows attached to one or more items in GRC. This is useful for when an item has been completed incorrectly and has arrived in a state that it cannot progress from, when an activity is conducted on a recurring basis and the workflow needs to be reset, or for the period end.

By resetting a workflow, the attached item will be returned to the First State, but will not remove or change any criteria values, subtype settings, attachments, etc.

To reset a workflow:

  1. Go to  Manage > By Location Framework.
  2. Click the item attached to the desired workflow. Any of the item's children can be selected as well.
  3. Click the Reset Workflow button above the left panel. 
  4. Click the checkboxes of the workflows to be reset in the right panel.
  5. Click the Reset Workflow button at the top of the right panel.mceclip3.png
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