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Perspective 5.8.1 – New Features & Bug Fixes

New Features


  • Design refreshes, including an improved Dispatch login screen.

Officer Mobile

  • Users can now choose to log in with Perspective or Core, and the user’s authentication method and connection information are stored.
  • Design refreshes, including an improved login screen and new Officer Mobile logo.

Dispatch Bug Fixes

  • Prefixes on closed activity numbers are now migrated into Perspective using the same characters assigned to the record in Dispatch.
  • Vehicle log details are now successfully migrated into Perspective after a dispatch is closed.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed selected site rollup locations incorrectly if the rollups didn’t share a name with a Dispatch location.
  • Users can now use the filter option on the Officer On Duty panel when that panel is docked.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the Messages and Detail panels to repeatedly reappear when Auto-Hide is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with dropdown menu options disappearing in the On Duty panel after filters are applied.
  • The Set Location text box is now displayed correctly when using the right-click action button on the Officers panel.
  • Fixed an issue with locations not being saved in the User Settings when an option is selected quickly.
  • Locations with recently changed lat/long coordinates are now updated and rendered in real-time on active or scheduled dispatches.
  • Options in the Link To Perspective Site dropdown menu in the Dispatch admin settings now display the base or system language when the user has a selected language with no values.
  • Resolved an issue that didn’t update a Dispatch location’s name when the site rollup name was changed in Perspective.
  • The Bring On Duty panel now correctly refreshes and displays fields after using the Search function.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally displayed the wrong status colors for on-duty officers.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent scheduled dispatches from clearing off the Closed Dispatches panel as per the system settings.
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