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Perspective Archiver

The Perspective Archiver is a utility created by Resolver to extract data from a Perspective database and export data into a spreadsheet, download attachments, or delete data. It is run with the assistance of Resolver Support. Specifically,

NOTE: If you'd like to use the Perspective Archiver, contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss pricing options.

System Requirements

  • A Perspective database version of 5.8.2 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher installed on the workstation executing the Archiver.

Targeted Data

The archiver targets data by entity (Activity, Case, Incident, Item, Organization, Person, or Vehicle) and Created Date (entities created between two selected dates). Only one entity type can be selected at a time.

Additional optional parameters include:

  • Owner Workgroup: The owner workgroup of the entity.
  • Site Rollup: The site rollup value of the entity (only available for Activities, Incidents, and Cases).
  • Past Expiry Date: Only data with an Expiry Date in the past based on the record's Controls tab will be targeted.

Available Actions

Once data is targeted, the following actions can be performed:

  • Export to File: Save the targeted data to an Excel (.XLSX) file.
  • Export Attachments: Save the attachments associated with the targeted data to a windows file folder.
  • Delete Data: Delete the targeted data from the database.

NOTE: For On Premise customers, the Archiver is executed locally, so all files are available on the workstation from which the tool was executed. For Hosted customers, the files are provided via a Secure File Transfer account in a .zip folder.

This tool cannot:

  • Perform data cleansing or formatting functions that are not already available in the tool.
  • Export images that are not uploaded as attachments, including profile pictures for Items, Organizations, Persons, or Vehicle records.
  • Translate data into another language.
  • Be customized.

Sample Data

Click here to view sample data generated from the Perspective Archiver.

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