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Using the Perspective Archiver Utility


The Perspective Archiver utility can extract data from a Perspective database (creating a .csv spreadsheet file), download attachments, or delete data.

The Perspective Archiver Utility can:

  • Purge archived data according to your organization's data retention policy
  • Retain system data in a readable format
  • Split a database out of a primary database to create a secondary database

You must contact the Resolver Support Team to assist with using the Perspective Archiver utility.

System Requirements

  • A Perspective database version of 5.8.2 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher installed on the workstation executing the Archiver.

Use Cases

  • Purging system data per your organization’s data retention policy
  • Retain database data in a readable format
  • Split a dataset out of their primary database, creating a secondary database


Contact the Resolver Support Team to assist with downloading, setting, and using the Perspective Archiver utility.

  1. From the Perspective Archiver - Connect screen, enter the following field information:
    • Server: Enter the server name.
    • Database: Enter the database name.
    • User: Enter a username (the user must have access to the database).
    • Password: Enter a user password.

Perspective Archiver Connect Screen.png

Perspective Archiver - Connect Screen

  1. (Optional) Click the Use Windows Authentication checkbox to use your Windows login credentials to log into the Perspective Archiver Utility.

Use Windows Authentication.png

Use Windows Authentication Checkbox

  1. Click the Connect button to connect to the Perspective Archiver Utility.

Connect button.png

Connect Button

Using the Perspective Archiver Utility

The Archiver targets data using an Entity (Activity, Case, Incident, Item, Organization, Person, or Vehicle) and Created Date (entities created between two selected dates). You can choose only one entity type at a time.

  1. From the Perspective Archiver screen, fill out the following fields to target specific data you want to export or delete:
    • Entity: Select a data form (e.g., Incidents, Activities, Cases, Persons, Items, Organizations, Vehicles, or Items) from the dropdown menu. The Entity dictates the data form that is exported or deleted.
    • Created Between:  Create a date range for the exported or deleted data using the two Calendar fields. The Created Between dates are based on Perspective's Create Date Time field.
    • Workgroup: Filter the data by selecting one or more workgroups from the Select Workgroups pop-up. Narrow the Workgroup list by entering a workgroup name in the Search field.

Select Workgroups.png

Workgroup Pop-up

  • Sites: Filter the data by selecting one or more sites (e.g., archive a specific Store or Region) from the Select Sites pop-up. Narrow the Sites list by entering a site name in the Search field.
  • Past Expiry Date: Filter the data by Incident, Activity, and Case records based on the date values entered in the Date field on the Controls tab.

Perspective Archiver Screen.png

Perspective Archiver Screen

  1. Select an Action toggle switch to perform on the targeted data:
    • Export to File: Saves the targeted data to an Excel (.XLSX) file.
    • Export Attachments: Saves the attachments associated with the targeted data to a Windows file folder.
    • Delete Data: Deletes the targeted data from the database.

The Perspective Archiver Utility is executed locally for On-Premise customers, so all files are available. For Hosted customers, the files are provided via a Secure File Transfer account in a .zip folder.

  1. Select one of the following buttons to complete the Action on the targeted data:
    • Load Configuration: The user can load a previously saved configuration, automatically fills out the Perspective Archiver Utility fields.
    • Save Configuration: The user can save a configuration that can be used again by clicking the Load Configuration button.
    • Run: Runs the Perspective Archiver based on the configuration selected (e.g., export or delete data).



The Perspective Archiver Utility Cannot

  • Perform data cleansing or formatting functions not already available in the tool.
  • Export images not uploaded as attachments, including profile pictures for Items, Organizations, Persons, or Vehicle records.
  • You cannot customize the export or template options
  • Translate data into another language.
  • Be customized.

Sample Data

Click here to view sample data generated from the Perspective Archiver.

Depending on the volume of your data, the exported data may use multiple files.


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