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Workflow - Deprecation of SMTP Email Alerts


If you're an on-premise customer using resolver Workflow, this change will affect your instance of the application. 

When did this happen? 

Effective October 1, 2022, Microsoft has indicated that they will be changing the security for options of Office 365.  The change will deprecate the use of Basic Authentication and SMTP Auth in Office 365 tenants. This change may prevent you from using Workflow v8.3f  with your Office 365 account.  The communication from Microsoft can be found at the link below:

Who is affected? 

Any Office 365 account which is configured as a sender email account with outbound/inbound SMTP email settings in Workflow could be affected.

What happens after Oct 1st? 

  1. You may no longer be able to send email alerts using Workflow and their Office 365 email address.

  2. If you use the Email Response System feature of Workflow, you may not be able to monitor emails received into your Office 365 email account.

What options do I have to continue using Workflow Email-Alerts and/or Email Response System?

  1. You can use other email service providers who support SMTP Communications. For example, they could utilize Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  2. You can have your IT specialist enable SMTP AUTH for specific mailboxes in their Office 365 tenant.
    1. See this article on Microsoft's site: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/clients-and-mobile-in-exchange-online/authenticated-client-smtp-submission 
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