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Migrating Your Perspective Site Rollups from DispatchLog to Dispatch

Before you begin planning your move from DispatchLog to Dispatch, we recommend reviewing our article on locations. This will provide key guidance on the differences between locations and site rollups.

Unlike DispatchLog, Dispatch is a separately managed application and, along with other configurations, will likely require some data migration in order to complete the transition, so you will need to plan how you want your organization's locations set up.

As a previous DispatchLog user, you have three options when creating locations in Dispatch (see the document referenced below for more information on each option):

  1. Create a new Dispatch location from a site when creating a new dispatch.
  2. Manually create new locations then cross-reference them with each site in Perspective.
  3. Use our location migration tool to automatically create locations from each site in Perspective.

Our location migration tool can automatically create new locations based on your site rollups in Perspective. This tool will migrate a site’s name, address, city, province/state, postal code, site notes, latitude and longitude coordinates, and any child sites into a new location in Dispatch.

Note that in order for your sites to be successfully migrated using the tool, each parent site must have latitude and longitude coordinates saved in Perspective.

If you wish to use the location tool:

Please carefully review our Migrating Your Site Rollups from Perspective to Dispatch document for more information as there are important steps you'll need to take before the tool can be used. After you’ve reviewed the document and completed the steps outlined in the What do I need to do before I can use location migration tool? section, contact Resolver Support. A technical support representative will confirm that you’ve completed all the necessary steps, then complete the migration process for you. Note that the Support team books migrations a minimum of two business days in advance.


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