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WRM V 9.7.3 - Now Available

The latest release of WRM is now available! This is our first update for WRM under the Resolver Banner – so we have focused on key features to allow us to ensure a smooth process for your first upgrade.

What’s New in the Update to V 9.7.3?

We’ve fully documented the updates in V 9.7.3 in our Release Notes, but here is a quick summary of some of the new features:

  • WRM’s review hierarchy is now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • The Point In Time and the Data Import services now work with encrypted connection strings.
  • It's now possible to open a record linked to another record of the same type using the same method (e.g. opening a risk linked to another risk). Previously, a second method was required to handle this scenario.
  • Updated Installation Wizard offering streamlined installation and updates.
  • AppFabric (which is Microsoft is ending support for as of November 2017) has been replaced with Redis for unified application caching.

Support & Installation

As this is the first update as well as our first rollout of our improved Installation Wizard, we are recommending that if you are hosting WRM, that you pre-book your installation with our Support team prior to proceeding with the update so that we can shadow your install. If we are hosting WRM on your behalf, we will be reaching out with you to arrange the update.

Request your Update and Download Links:

On our Customer Portal you can also find additional support tools including our new User’s Guide, System Requirement check and Installation Checklist (for those hosting their own instance) as well as new articles to support your use

If you have any questions, our support team is here to help!  

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