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Deploy a Language Pack - On Premise

Perspective language packs include a dictionary, default labels, system lookup values, and the launch page (except for the Perspective logo and copyright information). They do not include a User Guide, Admin Guide, or any documentation, but use the pre-configured default English help file paths. The following steps will guide you through the language pack deployment process.

Note: You must have access to the Administration and Language Configuration sections to deploy a language pack. If you're using Dispatch, you must log in to Dispatch at least once before completing the steps below.

To deploy a language pack: 

Back up your Perspective database before starting.

  1. Open the IIS server that is hosting Perspective. 
  2. Navigate to the folder in your computer where you saved the Language pack.
  3. Extract the language folder from the zip file into the Languages folder in the Perspective Services virtual directory.

    The default location is:

    C:\inetpub\wwwroot\[Perspective Release]\PerspectiveServices\Languages\[Language Folder]

    In the folder, you should have the following files: [language].zip (dictionary), LanguagePackUpdate.sql (labels and lookups), and Resource.xml (launch page translation).

    Note: Once you have deployed the folder, you will see English and the other language options in the dropdown on Perspective’s Launch screen.

  4. Log in to Perspective as a user with administrative privileges.
  5. Click Administration in the Navigation pane.
  6. Expand the Language node in the Listing pane.
  7. Click Configuration.
  8. Select a language that's not in use.  
  9. Change the Dictionary dropdown to your preferred language and click Save.

    Note: It's recommended to keep the Base Language set to English because it affects the System Administrator's settings and will make it easier for Support to help you resolve any issues. 
  10. Click Yes
  11. Click OK. 
  12. Log out and log back in. 

You will now need to update the lookup lists and labels for this language and assign the language to the appropriate roles and users

Important Note:

Language Packs have very specific limitations - please review the details on language packs here:


And specific details per language pack here:




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