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Deploy a Language Pack - Hosted

You must have access to Administration and Language Configuration to deploy.

  1. To change the language from English to something else in Perspective, go to Administration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Expand the Language node in the Listing pane.
  3. Click on the Configuration
  4. Select a Language to apply the language labels to.
  5. Change the Dictionary drop-down to your preferred language and click Save
  6. It is recommended to keep the Base Language set to English because it affects the System Administrator, and it also makes it easier for Tech Support to find any problems.
  7. When the pop-up appears, asking if you want to save your changes and proceed, click Yes
  8. Click OK when it prompts you to update the labels.
  9. Once you have update, you will need to update your lookup lists and labels to match your English translation. And you will need to update Roles and Users once you have your translation complete to allow users to access the new language.


Important Note:

Language Packs have very specific limitations - please review the details on language packs here:


And specific details per language pack here:



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