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Set Up Quick Find Indexing (v. 4.6.1 or later)

If you want users to be able to search for records using the Quick Find tool, it'll first need to be configured in Service Manager after Perspective is installed or upgraded.

The initial set up of Quick Find allows you to specify where the index file will be stored, if there will be any alternative cache directory, and which Perspective fields will be indexed.

If you’re using version 4.6.1 or later, the name of your index directory must include your organization’s Business ID, which is always default, as well as your Perspective Database ID (not your Database Name) which is normally default.

Note: The file paths referenced in this article will vary depending on your version of Perspective. If you're running version 4.6.2 or earlier, the path saved on your computer will contain a PPM 2000 Inc folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\PPM 2000 Inc\Perspective...). If you're running version 5.0 or later, it will contain a Resolver Inc folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\Resolver Inc\Perspective...).

    1. Open Perspective Service Manager > Quick Find Indexing.

    2. Select the Allow Quick Find checkbox.

    3. Select an Index Directory to store the index files. The name of the index directory must include your business ID (always default) and your Database ID (normally default) and IIS must have access to read this directory.

      1. To find your Database ID, open the Perspective_Default.config file (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Perspective5.8\PerspectiveServices\Perspective_Default.config) and search for the <ID> tag
      2. Note: The index file can take up to one third of your original database size, so ensure there's sufficient disk space on the server.
    4. If the index file can’t be stored on the local drive, select the Specify folder in alternate drive to store cache while indexing? checkbox and select another directory.

    5. Optional: If you want certain common words to be ignored when indexing (e.g., “a,” “the,” “an,” “at,” “to,” etc.), select the Use noise word file? checkbox and specify the directory where the Noise.dat file exists. Perspective does not provide a Noise.dat file.

    6. Optional: If you want hyphenated words to be indexed as two separate words, select the Treat hyphens as spaces checkbox.

    7. Optional: If want the index files to ignore numeric text, select the Do not use numeric values checkbox.

    8. Expand the nodes listed under Tables and select each table you want data to be indexed from individually.

      Note: Attachments are indexed separately from the main entities and can be found at the bottom of the list.

    9. Click Index to create the initial index file.

    10. Click Save then Close.

If you’re upgrading from Perspective version 4.6, you can move your existing index files to this new folder and continue building on this original index.

As data is added, deleted, or modified in the database, the index must be kept up-to-date. The indexer can be run through Command Prompt or by setting up a Scheduled Task.

To perform full indexing or incremental indexing on a database using the Perspective.Indexer.exe program:

  1. Open Command Prompt.

  2. Navigate to the Perspective Service Manager. The default location is cd “C:\Program Files\PPM 2000 Inc\Perspective\4.6\ServiceManager

    • To perform full indexing on the default database, enter the following command:

      Perspective.Indexer.exe /c="C:\[PerspectiveServicesPath]\Perspective4.6\PerspectiveServices\Perspective_Default.config"

    • To perform full indexing on a specific database, add the /d switch to the command:

      Perspective.Indexer.exe /c="C:\[PerspectiveServicesPath]\Perspective4.6\PerspectiveServices\Perspective_Default.config" /d=”database name”

    • To perform incremental indexing on the default database, add the /i switch to the command:

      Perspective.Indexer.exe /c="C:\[PerspectiveServicesPath]\Perspective4.6\PerspectiveServices\Perspective_Default.config" /i

    • To perform incremental indexing on a specific database, use the /d and /i switches:

      Perspective.Indexer.exe /c="C:\[PerspectiveServicesPath]\Perspective4.6\PerspectiveServices\Perspective_Default.config" /d=”database name” /i

  3. Repeat steps 14-17 for every database you wish to index.

  4. To view all of switches and their functions available for Indexer.exe, enter the command Perspective.Indexer.exe ?

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