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Custom Reports

The Custom Report tool allows you to build the reports you need with the look, layout, and content you need. The following series of videos will show you how to take the initial steps in this report building process, covering:

  • How to add new reports
  • Adding text and pictures
  • Adding a report container elements such as tables, crosstabs, and charts
  • How to execute a built report
  • How to share your report with other users

More information is available in the Custom Reports full-length training video in the Analyze and Report section.

 How to Watch:

 YouTube: Custom Reports playlist


Adding a new report Adding text & pictures
Adding a table Modifying a table (coming soon!)
Adding a crosstab Modifying a crosstab
Adding a bar graph Modifying a bar graph
Adding a pie chart Modifying a pie chart
Adding a clustered bar graph Sharing reports
Executing reports  
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