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Create a Basic Query in Analysis Expert

The query feature of Analysis Expert is an internal search engine that allows you to enter specific search criteria to scan the data in all Activity, Incident, Case, Item, Person, Organization, and Vehicle records.

  1. Log into Perspective.

  2. Click Analyze and Report.

  3. Click either Private Queries or Shared Queries to specify where the query will be saved.

  4. Click Add. 

  5. Enter the name of the query in the Name field.

  6. Enter a category name in the Query Category field if you wish to create a new category. By default, the query will appear in the Miscellaneous Queries category.

  7. Select the kind of record you wish to search from the Type dropdown menu.

  8. Optional: Enter a description of the query.

  9. Click Add.

  10. Expand the notes in the Form(s) pane to reveal the sub-forms for in the type of record selected (e.g. Call Category, Site Rollups, Call Taken By, etc. which are found in Activities).

  11. Click a sub-form in Form(s) This will reveal the fields that appear on that form in the Field(s) pane.

  12. Select a checkbox in the Field(s) pane to include that field in your search. All selected fields will appear in the Selection(s) pane.

    Note: If you don't need to include additional criteria and want to search the entire database for your selected field(s), skip steps 13-15.

  13. Right-click the selected field then click Search By to show the field in the Criteria Designer pane.

  14. Select an operator from the Operator dropdown menu.

  15. Enter a value in the Value Depending on the field and operator chosen, you may be able to select a value from a dropdown menu.

    Entering operators and values allow you to search for specific data. For instance, if you want to search for organizations that start with the letters WH, you would select the operator STARTS WITH and enter a value of WH.

  16. Click Execute to save your criteria and display the search results.


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