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Perspective V5.0 - Coming Soon

Perspective V5.0 is going to be released soon - with our On Premise release planned for early May. Our team is working hard on putting together the final package and going through our final testing before we can release it.

Version 5.0 is all about enhancements requested by our Customers. We have fully documented the updates in our Release Notes or you can review our summary of the enhancements in our What’s New document which is attached.  But here is a quick summary on some of the new features:

  • New Launch Screen allowing you to launch Perspective or the new Custom Dashboard.
  • New Custom Dashboard: No longer will you be limited to the out of the box dashboard in Perspective – our new tool allows you to customize your metrics and dashboard for day to day use!
  • New Dispatch Application: Our new dispatch (available to Perspective EIM and SOC Customers) provides access to all the functionality of DispatchLog in a separately managed application ideal for operation centers.
  • Call Category List Report: Print your Activity Category Call List.
  • Administrator Short Cuts:
    • In the User List, you can now search by User name – not just first and last name.
    • Our User List Report will now allow you to limit your search to active users.
    • Administrators can now view a list of locked out users – and reset locked accounts so you don’t have to wait 30 minutes!
    • Minimum password length had been updated to 6 characters – so users will be prompted to update their password.


We have posted all applicable documentation relating to V5.0 on our customer portal for you, including:

  • Release Notes
  • Administration & User Guides
  • System Requirements
  • Installation & Update Instructions



We will be introducing recorded training in the near future!


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