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Global Alertlink - V7.11.02 Now Available

Our team is pleased to share that we are releasing V7.11.02 of Global Alertlink.

What’s new?

Our team has our full release notes on the features available with Version 7.11.02 on our Customer Portal: https://support.resolver.com/hc/en-ca/articles/360001240606-GAL-7-11-02-Release-Notes

But here is a quick summary of the new features that will be available:

  • We added Recovery Priority to the list of option fields.
  • Users are now prompted to save their work when navigating to another tab in the designer tool.
  • Custom Forms Designer now supports adding external links and local anchor links.
  • Several performance and security features.


Where do I learn about it?

We have an orientation video to help you learn about our new changes:

What if I need more in-depth help?

Our Support team are here to help you transition! You can reach out directly to Support or you can reach out to me to set up time to discuss this further.

We also have full details in our Users Guide – and new documentation including system and server requirements available to help!


Submit a Support Request: https://support.resolver.com/hc/en-ca/requests/new


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