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Sorting Chart Data Numerically in Custom Reports

By default, custom report charts can be sorted in ascending and descending order for any value selected from the Analysis Expert query. For example, you can sort by class, site, or month, either alphabetically or numerically. 

Sorting chart data by more than one variable requires additional query configuration. The following example shows how to display the number of incidents by class, sorted from the lowest to the highest value. 

 To sort incidents by class, from lowest to highest value: 

  1. Go to Analyze and Report > Analysis Expert.
  2. Create a query.
  3. Click Class Rollups in the Forms section. 
  4. Right-click Class in the Fields section. Click Group-By9.png
  5. Go to Analyze and Report > Custom Reports. Open your report.
  6. Click the Insert tab. 
  7. Click Report Container
  8. Drag your mouse to create a report container. Click Chart.  
  9. Select a Bar/Ribbon, Line/Symbol, Areas, or Bubbles/Dots chart. 
  10. Click the Category Axis (x) tab. 
  11. Complete one of the following: 
    1. Concatenate the Count Inc # and Grouped by values (NOTE: This may not work if you have more than 1 count with the same value):
      • Expand the Data section.
      • Click the  button next to Coordinate Value – select the Count Incident Number + Grouped By.
      • Category Axis (x) – Labels > Coordinate Label – click Grouped By.
      • Value Axis (y) – Data > Coordinate Value – click Sum(Count Incident Number). 
    2. Through a condition, assign a numerical value to the Counts within a range (ex. <10 is assigned 1, <100, is assigned 2, etc.):
      • Using the same query from option 1, for the Coordinate Value (X axis) add the following nested conditions:
      • Cond(COUNT_Incident Number<10,Str$(1)+Str$(COUNT_Incident Number)+Grouped By value, Cond(COUNT_Incident Number<100,Str$(2)+Str$(COUNT_Incident Number)+Grouped By value, Cond(COUNT_Incident Number<1000,Str$(3)+Str$(COUNT_Incident Number)+Grouped By value, Str$(4)+Str$(COUNT_Incident Number)+Grouped By value)))
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