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Perspective Hosted AWS CA & EU - V5.4 Upgrade Notification - March 13, 2018

Due to the upcoming release of Version 5.4, Perspective Hosted will be unavailable on:

March 13, 2018

From 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM EDT

  • Alternative Time Zones:
    • 8:00 PM to Midnight MST
    • 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM AEDT

Please note that during this time, we will be implementing the new release. Perspective Hosted will be available with brief disruptions in services that could be up to 10 minutes in length. We, of course, apologize for any inconvenience associated with the disruptions, and we will endeavor to keep the timeframe as short as possible.


What do you need to know about the Update?


We have fully documented the updates in our Release Notes, but here is a quick summary on some of the new features:

  • New: Alarm Management
    • For use with our Access Control Connector, you can now have more alarms sent to a dispatcher for review.
    • For rules where you want a dispatcher to see the alarm and decide if it need to become a dispatch or close it out there is now an Alarms panel to manage that.
    • Acknowledge and Close alarms (this will be also acknowledged and closed in your Access Control System)
    • Or Escalate Alarms to a Dispatch when an Officer response is required (you can even escalate a series of alarms to a single dispatch for easier management)
    • Alarms have many of the same great features of Dispatches (Notifications, Comments and Conversations, Visual Alerts and Timers and more)
  • Improved:
    • New option to update query for Custom Reports, so you can add a new field or adjust criteria options
    • Health check APIs (Perspective, Integration, Dispatch Services) all services provide health data for better up time monitoring an load balance management.
    • Dispatch Locations now search global addresses (and if you don’t want users creating new locations an option to turn that off)
    • Multi-Select for bulk Dispatch actions like Close Dispatch and Reassigning tasks.
    • More Filters on Dispatches (Filter by Dispatcher, Location or Call Categories)
    • Bug Fixes: https://support.resolver.com/hc/en-ca/articles/360000301843-Perspective-5-4-Bug-Fixes


 If you encounter difficulty with Perspective after this outage, please contact our Technical Support team immediately:

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