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Planning Your Upgrade from DispatchLog to Dispatch

If you're a current user of DispatchLog, but want to upgrade to Dispatch, this article will provide you with steps to take to become familiar with Dispatch and help you plan the process to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Dispatch Orientation

The new Dispatch application was introduced with Perspective 5.0, so before you begin planning, we recommend watching the What's New In Version 5.0 orientation video to learn more about the new system.

Review & Planning

Because there are some key difference between DispatchLog and Dispatch, it's important to carefully review the resources below, which help you learn about more about the new features and what you'll need to think about prior to the upgrade.

  1. Watch the orientation video: Dispatch: Planning Your Upgrade

    Unlike the general orientation video above, this video will walk you through some items you'll need to think about before the upgrade, including learning about the new zones and teams, creating dispatch users, and how new locations work.

  2. Read the article: What are the Differences Between DispatchLog & Dispatch?

    This article provides a summary of the differences between DispatchLog and the Dispatch.

  3. Watch the training video: Dispatch Administration

    After learning the basics, the next step is to view the Dispatch Administration (V5.0) video to learn how to configure the Dispatch administrative settings.

  4. Read the article: What are Zones & Teams?

    Operational zones and teams are brand new to Dispatch and require configuration. This article explains what zones and teams are, how they work, and will help you plan how you'll set up your own zones and teams.

  5. Read the article: What are Locations?

    This article explains how locations and indoor locations work, how they differ from site rollups, and some things you'll need to consider when setting up your own locations.

  6. Read the article: Dispatch FAQs

    This article provides answers to some common Dispatch-related questions.

  7. Schedule an Edmonton Training Session

    If you're struggling with some Dispatch concepts or think you could benefit from more hands-on guidance, Resolver offers live training for active support members to access one to two complimentary seats per year.

Migration of Site Rollups & Officers (Optional)

If you want to migrate your officers and/or site rollups from Perspective into DispatchLog, Resolver Support can do this on your behalf using our migration tools. Before you book your session with Support to begin the migration, read and follow the instructions in the articles below:


  • IMPORTANT: Both officer and site rollup migrations require that certain steps are taken by the customer before the process can be completed. Carefully read the above articles for instructions before contacting Support.
  • For On Premise customers, the migrations are completed via web conferencing and requires access to your server. 
  • For Hosted customers, the migrations are completed by our DevOps team with your approval.

User Training

We recommend providing your Dispatch users with access to a training database and creating several exercises based on their potential day-to-day use, which will help them become comfortable with the system. The Dispatch Learning Plan is also available and includes training for dispatchers, administrators, and Officer Mobile users.

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